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Fast and Furious star Tyrese Gibson spoke out on a recent podcast exposing the world’s attempt to “promote the devil.” The interview came as Gibson is promoting the 10th movie in the Fast & Furious franchise. Gibson couldn’t help but speak about his faith and the attempts of the world to normalize the devil. 

“As much as I’m supposed to be promoting this movie and talking about my album, I just feel like we’re in competition right now because they are trying to normalize the devil,” Tyrese told podcast host Big Boy in the studio.

“The devil is on the main stage at award shows and in every video and signs and symbols,” referring to the 2023 Grammy performance.

“Devil worshippers are going above and beyond to promote the devil,” he continued. “And it’s pissing me off. Devil worshippers used to be real secretive, but now they just going everywhere,” Tyrese said in the interview. 

In response, Tyrese called for Christians to be bold in their faith and to speak up for Christ, and share all he means to us. 

“We need to stop treating our relationship with Jesus like the little buddy that you talk to before you go to bed at night,” he said. “Be more vocal about all the things that God means to us, and all of the things that God has brought us through.”

Coming from a Hollywood star, this is especially impactful. Encouraging people to share about what God has brought you through.  

There’s been a lot of moments that you didn’t post about, but yet you know how did God decide to get you through this.” 

Tyrese has been vocal about his faith on social media, sharing his personal prayers and faith in God. Now, he’s asking his listeners and fans to do the same. 







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