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The story of David and Goliath still speaks today as the underdog takes on the giant and wins a victory for a great cause. Worship leader Sean Feucht is drawing a line in the proverbial sand over Disney’s stance on gender identity after a number of leaked audio segments uncovered an overtly LGBTQ agenda inside the organization. In a true David vs. Goliath scenario, Feucht is taking action against the taunts of one of America’s largest and most powerful corporations. 

Feucht, a worship leader, former political contender, and activist is taking his mission and ministry on the road and into the highways and byways with thousands following his bold lead through COVID at Let Us Worship events. When Disney decided to publicly oppose a bill in Florida that would prevent sexual education of children before the 4th grade, along with the revelation of an internal agenda to sexualize children, it crossed a line that Feucht along with thousands of other parents are speaking out.  

Protests at Disney HQ & Disneyland 

In his latest activist work, Feucht organized a rally outside of Disney headquarters in Burbank, CA, and Disney Land in Anaheim this month mobilizing over 50,000 signatures on a petition and hundreds of people came out to worship and let their voices be heard.

“This all started…when audio leaked from Disney about the overt direction of sexualizing our kids.”

Leaked audio includes Disney Corporate president stating, “As my son texted me this morning, Gen Z is 30-40% queerer than other generations,” Burke said on the video call, published by writer Christopher F. Rufo. “So Disney better get with it. When I was at Freeform (a division of Disney), it was very much in the brand ethos to be the tip of the spear when it comes to inclusion,” Burke shared. “In part, I think nobody stopped us because we were targeting Gen Z and millennials. We were targeting younger and more open-minded…,”

Disney’s Diversity and Inclusion Manager Vivian Ware informed Disney employees that the company was eliminating the words ladies, gentlemen, boys, and girls in its theme parks in order to not ostracize transgender children.

Florida’s Sexual Education Bill Limited to 4th Grade +

Then there’s the Florida bill.

At first, Disney didn’t take a stand on the legislation in Florida that prevented sexual identity education in K-3 classrooms. Disney had said they did not want to become a political football and stayed out of it. However, after the bill passed, woke agenda activists pressured Disney to do something including Governor Gavin Newsom in California. Now thousands of families are canceling their subscriptions, boycotting the park, and canceling vacations. Political leaders are threatening action against the corporation including Florida Governor DeSantis. 

For Disney to come out and put a statement and say that the bill should have never passed and that they are going to actively work to repeal it, I think, one, was fundamentally dishonest, but, two, I think that crossed the line,”

Feucht Takes a Stand

As this perfect storm of leaked audio, legislative interference, and more escaped, Feucht knew he needed to do something when other leaders and ministries weren’t speaking out.

“I refuse to allow my children to be indoctrinated and sexualized at an early age and this is wrong so I said we’re going to rally outside the Disney headquarters in Burbank,” said Feucht. 

Hundred gathered outside Disney HQ on April 6 in worship and in prayer and to let their voices be heard just days after the leaked audio and Disney executive speaking out against a Florida bill. 

Though known as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, Fox reports the bill simply stated, “classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

For Feucht and his movement, there’s a groundswell of people with values that don’t align with what Disney is trying to push. Feucht shared, “We had a ton of people that showed up there in the Burbank headquarters in LA.” 

The movement hopes the momentum will continue and reach a critical mass so that large corporations like Disney remember they are in the business of serving customers, not trying to push a political agenda and ideology. 

“For Christians, it can feel daunting when you have this multi-billion dollar corporation that has their tentacles in so many spheres of our society but yet we got to understand these are the fights we’re called to fight especially when we have Goliath taunting our children. I don’t expect to hear anything from Disney until we reach a place of critical mass but this is not just rah, rah out there just screaming on the street corner. We are organized and strategized with plans or petitions with 52,000 people that have signed up at parentsfightback.com and we’re mobilizing parents to really take a stand for the long haul.”

If People Don’t Stand Up We Will Be Taken Over

After the boycott in Burbank, Feucht’s group went to Disneyland in Anaheim and also set up a boycott.

Feucht grew up with medical missionary parents and spend a lot of time in the Nations. I’ve learned a lot from hanging out with underground Church Pastors,” said Feucht in places like India and Afghanistan and Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. “There was much more that I could receive from them that I could even give them in terms of the boldness and courage of these leaders.”

Feucht has been outspoken against the State of California as worship restrictions during Covid increased. When Governor Gavin Newsom tried to decree the prohibiting of singing and chanting at church, Feucht responded by organizing events throughout the state and the country titled, “Let Us Worship.” 

Attorney and entrepreneur John Graves, agrees with Feucht’s stand in this area, saying if people don’t stand up, we’ll be taken over. John Graves shared in an interview, “If people don’t stand up we will be taken over.” Graves referenced the story of Jehoshaphat where he sent out the worshipers ahead of the warriors to raise up that brave spirit. “Sometimes we can’t just curse the darkness we got influence it, sometimes that’s with our pocketbooks,” said Graves.

For Feught and hundreds of other parents, this is the time to put their foot down and say enough is enough. Ordinary, hard-working Americans are finally standing up to large corporations who are pushing an agenda outside of producing quality products and services that meet the needs and desires of their customers. 

Let Us Worship Stood Up To COVID Overreach Restrictions

The idea behind, Let Us Worship was a stand against oppressive covid restrictions and those specifically targeted against the church because Covid doesn’t stop the move of God or the ministry he has called us to do. But his stance didn’t sit well with everyone. Even other Christians have spoken out against what he was doing and resisted him. “I am not going to say it’s been easy, it’s been challenging relationally,” he explained on Equipping the Saints with Che Ahn.

Feucht used the events to mobilize believers to pray, contend for breakthroughs, and witness that nothing can stop the church and the escalating drug and alcohol use, suicide and churches closed down in 2020 and 2021.

“This is what we’ve dreamed of, revival. The church has left the building and there’s no place safe anymore. I believe the Lord is going to turn the storyline around in our generation,” Feucht shared at one of his events. 

Up until 2020, Feucht’s ministry was mostly abroad in the nations. However, in 2019 Feucht received a prophetic word to run for Congress in the Bay area. He did and the church didn’t show up to vote and he didn’t win. The experience though was the most important takeaway. He shared on Equipping the Saints,

 “I could not get rid of the feeling of knowing I’d seen behind the veil in the political realm, the first thing they did after discovering covid has shut the church down because the church was the problem.”

Even though Feucht didn’t win the seat in Congress, he was able to see behind the scenes of the political world and the push to silence evangelical Christians. 

“I was able to say, I’ve seen behind this I know the agenda and so I started a petition, we gotta do something. I wrote it out and called it Let Us Worship, we signed this petition and let our voice be heard. We’ve got to do something and put action behind this.”

And doing something they did, they threw up a meeting time and invited people to come out and meet them on the Golden Gate Bridge for a time of worship. 

“We picked it because it’s an iconic gateway to the West.”

Not expecting that many people to come out, hundreds showed up and God moved in a powerful way. “We got to the bridge and over 400 people showed up. We took our guitars out and I knew we were called to go and prophesy. A new Jesus Movement”

Next, their team went to Huntington Beach and 1,000s of people showed up.

“The minute you present the Gospel people just run to it.”

Feucht is releasing a new book called Bold: Moving Forward in Faith, Not Fear. The book was canceled by two publishers and finally picked up by a third. The irony of it all is that the book was canceled by two publishers that finally picked up only serves to propel his message forward. If the message is trying to be canceled and stopped, all the more reason why people need to read it and make sure the content is not being censored. 

As Feucht himself said, “2022 is the year of the parents.”

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