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Discover your gifts and then find and align your vision and purpose with God’s will for your life. Here are some everyday life scenarios. Choose the answer that best describes how you would typically respond and what action you would most likely take. Your answers will be compiled to reveal what spiritual gift you most likely have! (Though you likely have many, this quiz will reveal your top spiritual gift!) Have fun and make sure you share your results on social media!

  1. 1 When engaged in working on a task, how do you respond?

    1. I want to build something from the ground up
    2. I assist the visionary in tasks large and small
    3. I offer advice and direction.
    4. I encourage and affirm the calling and direction.
    5. I believe by faith in agreement.
    6. I pull out my wallet to give.
  2. 2 When working in a group, which of the following best describes you?

    1. I take the lead and direct people and resources to make it happen.
    2. I do what needs to be done and listen to whoever is in charge.
    3. I ask how much it costs
    4. I give my input and counsel the leaders.
    5. I pray and try to hear from God
    6. I add it to my prayer list
    7. I begin recruiting others
  3. 3 When someone asks me to pray, this is the approach I take...

    1. I listen and try to empathize with the needs of people first.
    2. I believe God for immediate supernatural intervention.
    3. I ask if there is any pain in their body that need a touch from God.
    4. I give begin immediately to pray and sense the Spirit's moving
    5. I close my eyes and begin to do spiritual warfare
    6. I ask if there is anything I can do to assist them (non-financially)
  4. 4 When someone confesses a sin or struggle with me, this is what I usually do...

    1. Start preaching!
    2. Give my best advise and counsel
    3. Tell them no matter what they've done God can forgive.
    4. Try to hear a direct word from God
    5. Spiritual warfare prayer!
    6. Search the Scriptures and pray for the right thing to say
    7. Build the person up and tell them nothing is too hard for God!
  5. 5 When you visit your sick friend in the hospital...

    1. Begin praying over each hospital room for resurrection power...
    2. Volunteer to assist the nurses
    3. Begin telling the doctors how they could run it more efficiently
    4. Seek God for a word for the patient
    5. Begin sensing something's up with the staff
  6. 6 When your friends asks about the right church for their family...

    1. Do spiritual warfare until you "know that you know" the answer
    2. Tell them to follow you to your church
    3. Begin counseling them
    4. Begin with a portion of Scripture and get into a deep Bible study
    5. Get motivated to plant a new church to reach your friend and people like them
    6. Get a word for the region to better align evangelism efforts
  7. 7 When counseling someone with marriage problems...

    1. Begin a Bible study in 1 Corinthians 6
    2. Invite them to church!
    3. Spend hours listening to their troubles and empathizing with them
    4. Believe God for a supernatural intervention
    5. Tell them to get over it and do the right thing, period.
  8. 8 When at the grocery store...

    1. Strike up a conversation about faith with a total stranger
    2. Tell someone they like their style
    3. You take authority in the Spirit over a spirit of greed and fear
    4. You pay for a strangers groceries whose card got declined
    5. Pray without ceasing
  9. 9 While at a restaurant....

    1. You begin making a deal to be a partner at the restaurant
    2. You start talking with the manager about their family and work/life balance
    3. You counsel with the owner about business problems
    4. You share Christ with your waiter/waitress
    5. You leave a 30% tip
  10. 10 When meeting a stranger...

    1. You begin sharing your faith and invite them to church
    2. Spend time getting to know them
    3. Share a story to inspire and uplift them
    4. Pray with them and give a word from Scripture
    5. Share a spiritual lesson from Scripture based on your conversation
  11. 11 At the movies...

    1. I begin envisioning how I would write the story and what I could do better
    2. I take lessons and illustrations out of the movie to use
    3. I stay after and clean up the mess
    4. I thank the concession stand employee and speak a word of destiny over them
    5. I buy the persons ticket behind me
    6. I stop and speak to the homeless person and listen to him for a couple of minutes
    7. Write a letter to the producer about what you may have done different.
  12. 12 Searching for a new home...

    1. Believe God can open a door even in a bidding war
    2. Sit down with the realtor and listen to their family drama
    3. Write a business plan to develop the area around the home
    4. Develop a solid house budget and direct each of the kids what to do while you are away
    5. Leave a track with the realtor for each person who comes to the open house
  13. 13 When making a decision about your kid's school

    1. Start interceding for the school and your kid's future
    2. Encourage the school admissions department that God is doing something
    3. Offer to assist the school with their fundraising efforts
    4. Sit down with the principle and develop a strategic plan for more student enrollment this year
    5. Ask the principal what you can do to as a new parent to assist
  14. 14 When you hear a friend is ill...

    1. Send money
    2. Fly across the country to be with them
    3. Send a prayer cloth with anointing oil
    4. Begin binding and loosing in prayer
    5. Make sure they received Christ and do it again with them
  15. 15 While at church...

    1. You try and talk to each person in attendance
    2. You make sure every person has a chance to accept Christ
    3. You come early and stay after to assist the set up and tear down
    4. You come up to the front to give quick lesson on what God is saying
    5. You start a small group reaching the next generation
    6. You give 20% of your income and wish you could do more

Spiritual Gifts Test

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    Apostles are mission-driven builders who are highly focused, strategic leaders that bring the kingdom of God to new territories and geographies. They are pioneers of God's mission. 

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    Prophets are attuned to the voice of God, sensitive to what he is doing and saying in people's lives, in churches, in geographic territories. Prophets hear from God and inspire God's people with revelation. 

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    Teachers break down deep spiritual truths into understandable and digestible bitesize nuggets of spiritual truth. Teachers will make the revelation of a prophet understandable, practical, and useful to other believers. 

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    Miracle gifts are used in the church to release God's sovereign power and will to meet specific needs that can only be met by God Almighty. 

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    Healing gifts are used to release God's divine healing as provided for in the atoning death of Christ. Those with this gift have a burden for those in need and those suffering in their physical bodies. Those with this gift can also pursue as a profession nursing, doctors, prayer counselors, and therapists. Those with the gift of healing seek to restore that which is lost, broken, or missing to bring God's Shalom on earth.

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    Those with the gift of help, have a desire to serve others, to fit into a bigger picture and serve another's vision. They long for community, know they are here to serve, and typically work well in community to cause a vision to come to pass.

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    The gift of guidance are those who move with compassion, have a deep sense of empathy, are great listeners, and have the gift to connect believers with their purpose and their calling. These are typically counselors or pastors with a heart to serve and cause others to succeed and reach their potential. They are relationally connected and open their heart to others in need of relational connecting.

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    The gift of tongues are used to strengthen the believer's spiritual walk and growth. It is personal to each believer and is used to deepen the connection of the believer's spirit to the Holy Spirit for intimacy with God, communion with God, and insight into his word and will.

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    The gift of wisdom is used by believers to provide practical application to the revelation of God's word for an individual or group of people.

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    The word of knowledge gift of the Spirit can bring encouragement, insight, blessing, and help to those who hear it. God uses this gift to highlight people who need a fresh word that God is with them and knows them deeply and cares.

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    The gift of faith is used to believe God for spiritual advancement, projects, ventures, and works of the Spirit to go forth into new areas. People with this gift access a level of faith in finances, building projects, and more.

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    The gift of discernment of spirits has application as all gifts do inside and outside the church. Inside the church it is used for deliverance ministry and spiritual growth of the church, in choosing leaders and discerning what is from God and what isn't. Outside the church applications could include police, FBI, HR hiring decisions, and more.

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    Interpretation of tongues

    This gift is used to interpret the mysteries of God and can go hand in hand with word of knowledge and word of wisdom. This gift allows a believer to tap into the realm of the Spirit and hear and communicate the message of God to a people.

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    This gift allows a believer to tap into intimacy with God to hear and discern the voice of the Lord in a specific time, place, and setting.

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    This gift is used to serve people, leaders, visions, ministries, and businesses. Those with the gift of serving are willing and able to do a multitude of tasks that get the job done and accomplish the vision.

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    Gifts of encouragement are there to strengthen the people, projects, and visions toward the fulfillment. These people see the vision of what a person, project, or idea can become and they share a positive outlook of faith that God is able to finish what he started. Encourage literally means to give courage to. This gift strengthens the work of God until it is accomplished. 

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    The gift of giving is given to those to be generous with their resources including their time, talent, and treasure. They value people and want to show it in taking from what they've been given and sharing it with those in need or towards a specific project.

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    The gift of leadership is for those out front who have a vision and need to motivate people and organize people and resources in a way that accomplishes a vision.

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    Those with the gift of mercy reconcile people and build bridges rather than walls. They are willing to overlook offenses and move with the Spirit in a way that restores and mends hearts and hurts so the work can continue and love is restored.

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    This gift is used to win people to Christ, to spread the good news, to communicate truth. These people are gifted communicators, influential thinkers and speakers, and bold in developing relationships with people.

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    This gift is for compassionate care and service of others. Also known as shepherds, these kind individuals listen, empathize, pursue, and care deeply about others.

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