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Tim Tebow has been known for many things including his athletic abilities, bold faith, and many skills as an athlete, announcer, businessman, and more. But, what seems to be closest to his heart is his work with The Tim Tebow Foundation and its annual Night to Shine event that took place this February. The special event this year brought 450 churches from 39 countries streaming in for the special virtual event honoring those with special needs and providing an amazing red-carpet experience, dance, and celebration honoring those who are often overlooked and have a special need.

Tim Tebow walks the red carpet with an attendee of his Night to Shine event to honor those with special needs. Taken pre-Covid. (Tim Tebow Foundation)

“Over the past seven years, God has abundantly blessed the movement of Night to Shine, and we are excited for all He has in store,” Tim Tebow Foundation stated in a release.

Tebow said in a statement reported by Fox News, “I truly believe this is what the love of Jesus looks like…As I reflect upon Night to Shine 2022, I am once again reminded of the goodness of God,” Tebow continued.
Tebow’s foundation focuses on four ministries which include:

-Special Needs
-Orphan care + prevention
-Children with profound medical needs
-Anti-human trafficking

“Imagine a world where it wasn’t about your background, wasn’t about what family you’re from, wasn’t about your socioeconomic status, but it as just about your God-given worth, which I believe everyone has. Imagine if we looked inward and saw the value God sees in us, understanding that we are loved by the Creator of the Universe and valuable. We’re so valuable to God that he gave his Son to be crucified on a cross for us, that’s how valuable you are.” Tebow explained via video.

Tebow explained that it is by understanding God’s love for each of us that we can then help others who are hurting, in pain, or disabled, because everyone is created in God’s image and deeply loved by God.

Tebow challenged everyone to be a part of creating a culture where everyone feels honored and cherished by the love of God.

“We have decided to go out of our way to make the biggest, most special night of the year for people with special needs because they are worth it and they are special.”

Though the last two years have been virtual because of COVID, Night to Shine didn’t disappoint as the celebration was evident at live streams around the world, and hearts were encouraged.

“We want to see people the way that God sees people – that is unique, it is special, it is valuable, and it is worthy.”

Night to Shine has become an annual event celebrating the inherent worth and value of every person.

“We want to have masses of humanity celebrating them because that doesn’t happen a lot.

Tebow said in a video leading up to the event, “Everyone was made in the image of God and has a purpose and a plan, that’s for every person with special needs, every orphan, every homeless person.”

Tebow was born in the Philippines in 1987 where he developed a strong passion for serving people and sharing God’s word after spending his early years working at his father’s ministry orphanage.

After returning to the States, Tim went on to play high school football at Nease High School where he led his team to a State Title his senior year, was twice named Florida’s Player of the Year, earned All-State honors, and was named Florida’s Mr. Football. Tim continued his outreach by frequently visiting the Philippines in an effort to share the gospel and God’s love with children.

His success continued throughout his college career at the University of Florida where he won two NCAA National Championship titles and was the first-ever sophomore to win the Heisman. Tim became well known for his bible verse eye black and his Spring Break trips to the Philippine orphanage. He also worked with UF Student Government to begin the 1st and 15 program to benefit children with cancer.

Tim was drafted in 2010 by the Denver Broncos and immediately began the Tim Tebow Foundation. Tim remains committed to his Foundation through his time, talent and treasure because he firmly believes that leaving a legacy is not about trophies and wins, but about bringing Faith, Hope and Love to others.

In 2019, Tebow announced his engagement to Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, a model and Miss Universe 2017 winner. The couple were officially married during a 30-minute ceremony in South Africa in 2020.

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