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IHOPKC says they have refuted 5 of 8 accusations without 3rd party

On October 28, International House of Prayer, Kansas City (IHOPKC) leadership announced several allegations against International House of Prayer founder Mike Bickle. The allegations were brought forth to IHOPKC leadership by a group of former IHOPKC leaders along with a “Complaint Group” consisting of a local Kansas City pastor and a group of 8 women.

On November 15, IHOPKC leadership published an update stating 5 of the women have been identified with only one partially credible. The statement goes on to list 6 women, 4 refuted, 1 unable to verify, and one with “partial credibility established” from 26 years ago. The statement by IHOPKC leadership states, “Upon review by outside legal counsel, it was determined that the collection and presentation of the allegations by the Complaint Group lacked any semblance of reliability or due process.” IHOPKC goes on to state that the 50 page complaint, “does not contain any actual evidence: no statements from the victims, whether sworn or unsworn, and no emails, texts, or other exhibits between Mr. Bickle and the alleged victim to substantiate the allegations…”


As to the other allegations, four of the women have called the allegations “lies,” and denied their involvement. Another who used only her initials was unable to be verified and stated she was “prophetically manipulated” and “emotionally pursued.” 

Dwayne Roberts alleges a sexualized relationship existed for 4 years

Dwayne Roberts, former Executive Leadership Team (ELT) member at IHOPKC and part of the original group of former leaders who issued a very public statement on IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle. Roberts told the Roy’s Report, “We are firmly convinced that no charge should be made against an elder except in the case of two or three witnesses. The fact that around 20 witnesses have come forward with first-hand experience of impropriety was why we could no longer remain silent.”

Roberts went on to share with Roy’s Report that the allegation from 26 years ago is more serious than IHOPKC is making it out to be, stating, “This case includes a relationship between a 42-year-old internationally renowned minister and a 19-year-old, a relationship that began with prophetic manipulation and became a 4-year sexualized relationship that lasted into the early years of IHOPKC.”

As for the other 20 victims Roberts claims exist, 5 have been refuted, 3 others have not identified themselves, and the remaining 12 have not come forward. 

Roberts, along with former leaders Wes Martin and Brian Kim issued a statement on October 28 saying they believe Bickle’s actions were not above reproach and fall short of biblical standards. “We believe that Mike Bickle’s actions were not above reproach and fall short of biblical standards for leaders in the church. To be clear, the allegations made about Mike Bickle’s misconduct were sexual in nature where the marriage covenant was not honored. Furthermore, the allegations made also reveal that Mike Bickle used his position of spiritual authority over the victims to manipulate them.”

Allen Hood says he is personally walking with a “survivor”

Former IHOP University President, Allen Hood who relocated to Treasure Coast, Florida released his own statement October 31 saying he was personally counseling and ministering to a “victim” of Bickles. “I have been walking closely with one survivor and her husband.” Hood went on to call for a neutral third-party to conduct a thorough investigation. It is not clear at time of publishing if the victim Hood speaks of is included in one of the eight accusers. 

Dr. Michael Brown steps away 

Dr. Michael Brown who initiatlly spoke at IHOPKC the weekend following the accusations has step away from his involvement which was initially predicated on IHOPKC hiring a third party firm. Now however, IHOPKC says they have not hired a third party firm and Brown has stepped down.

“We hope that by sharing our preliminary findings regarding these allegations, you will understand why it is premature at this juncture to have a third party conduct a community-wide investigation. IHOPKC remains open to inviting a third party (or even multiple third parties) to examine these findings. It is our sincerest desire that alleged anonymous Jane Does would come forward as soon as possible, either directly to IHOPKC’s attorney, via the Complaint Group or through their own legal representative, so that IHOPKC can then take the appropriate next steps.”

Mike Bickle remains on leave without involvement in the ministry while the investigation continues. 

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