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Jesus Revolution, the movie, follows the story of a young Greg Laurie’s spiritual journey, experimentation with drugs, quest to marry Cathe, and eventually to start his church and ministry, which is still growing to this day. The movie also gives us a glimpse into his less-than-stellar upbringing, and journey from New Jersey to California, leaving behind Greg’s father by adoption. The movie portrays a young Laurie, devastated that his mother was leaving his father, but Laurie filled in the rest of the story on a recent YouTube video, which is simply amazing. 

Laurie shared that he and his mom did indeed leave New Jersey, move to California, and Greg didn’t speak to his dad again until he was in his twenties. He shared in his recent post that after starting his church and marrying Cathe, he was scheduled to preach in NY’s Central Park. He looked up his dad, made a call, and reconnected with his father, Oscar, who invited him to stay at his house. Remarried now, Oscar was an attorney by trade and listened intently as Greg shared with Oscar, and his wife about his faith and all God had done in his life. The following day, they walked together in the early morning. Oscar asked to receive Christ, knelt, and prayed to receive Christ in a park.  

“It was incredible, one of the most amazing conversions I have ever seen,” explained Laurie. 

Next, Oscar asked Laurie to pray for his heart condition and that God would heal him. Oscar had a heart condition and believed he was healed at that moment. They drove to his doctor’s office, ran some tests, and the doctor confirmed he no longer had the heart condition.

He lived another 15 years, he grew spiritually, became an elder in his church, and worked with the Gideons to distribute Bibles. 


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1.4k share, 101 points
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