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Candace Owens holds nothing back in her new film, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, exposing the misdeeds of the Black Lives Matter movement and questionable if not misuse of funds. Racking in a whopping $80MM on the back of the George Floyd tragic death, Owens sheds light on the use of funds and the hypocrisy of a movement that supposedly was to help black lives, but instead incited violence, funded transgenderism, and funded the purchase of mansion homes for its leadership. 

The film sheds light on the narrative of the media pushed on the American people to sway public opinion in favor of Floyd, a drug addict with a history of problems with law enforcement, against the Minneapolis, MN police department. 

“I’m going to scream the truth louder than you can scream the lies,” said Owens in the film, who has made it her mission to bring to light the misdeeds of the BLM movement. 

The real story is a story of addiction. that’s it. It could have brought people together globally.  This was a man who was high on drugs and went into a store with counterfeit bills. He sat in the car with his dealer, obviously they had drugs on them. Drugs were found on them. I believe when the police arrived, he ingested a lethal amount of drugs…It is a story of a man who overdosed in the end.”

The media is your enemy, that’s what I will say. I believe that from the bottom of my heart after examining this case. 

“People were diluted. People were lied to. People should be angry. People should be rightfully angry that they acted the part of a marketing agency for what in y opinion is  a complete fraud. A fraudulent organization that uses black emotion and black pain to extort dollars from white America. That’s what happened. We were all lied to. That’s the truth,” explained Owens. 


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