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Dolly Parton is one of those people you just can’t help but love. Singer, philanthropist, humanitarian, and yes a Christian. Parton is also a recipient of $100mm for her charity from Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos

She made news this week when she performed her new song, “Go to Hell” during a nationally televised performance, “Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas” special on NBC. Parton’s boldness and faith were on full display, and she held nothing back. She publicly and boldly rebuked the devil and exposed the truth of his evil ways and influence.

“I’m here to tell you that Satan is real (ah) He is real and walking around amongst us trying to destroy everything that’s good and beautiful (ah) He wants to break our hearts and minds (ah) Destroy our dreams and plans (ah) He wants to tear us up in little pieces, break us down and send us straight to Hell…”

Parton’s performance includes a choir, and her preaching about all God can do including healing the sick. Next, the performance breaks out in what looks like a Broadway musical as Satan, represented by a young man is pushed off the stage and told, “Go to heal in a hand basket” by Parton. 

Parton won a Grammy in 2021 for her duet with Christian singer Zach Williams for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song for their duet version of Williams’ song, “There Was Jesus.”

She also won a Grammy in 2020 alongside Christian band For KING & COUNTRY for the duet rendition of their single, “God Only Knows.”

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1.2k share, 77 points
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