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Historically Christians have gotten a bad reputation for being more vocal about what we’re against than what we/they are for. We’ve raised our fists, raised our voices, demanded our rights, and you know what, with everything going on in the world today, we need to speak up, but do it in a way that is strong and firm yet not violating the gentleness of Christ either. If we don’t speak up, we may see our nation go to hell in a handbag. For Cameron Bure, in her role in Hollywood, on The View, and in numerous roles and positions in one of the nation’s most influential industries, she truly needs to be wise as a serpent, innocent as a dove. And she’s done it in amazing ways and succeeded incredibly well, keeping the joy of the Lord as her strength and letting her light shine. 

In an interview with her brother Kirk for his show on TBN, Takeaways, the two talked about family, faith, and successes, failures, and lessons along the way. Candace went on to explain that it’s the joy of the Lord that brings strength to endure difficult situations, strength to persevere in the faith, and explained the difference between joy and happiness. 

“Joy is a goodness that comes from inside you that sustains you when your circumstances around you are tough, are bad…,” explained Candace who truly exudes the love and favor of the Lord. It’s truly no wonder she walks in the favor of God without a lot of backlash. It’s not easy to argue with someone who is as happy and joyful as she is. 

Candace continued to explain that happiness on the other hand comes and goes and is based on external circumstances. 

“Happiness is conditionally based, it means the externals are going well, but that can change at any moment. There are many days that I may be unhappy because of the things going on around me,” explained Candace. 

“Joy is never dependent on your circumstances…The joy that I have as a believer and a Christian comes from God. It is knowing that I am at peace with him, justified before him. He walks with me, his Spirit is upon me. It’s knowing my future that is in heaven, it is having an eternal perspective. That is where I find my joy when my circumstances are difficult.”

Candace, among her other responsibilities, also serves as Women’s Day Magazine’s Chief Spiritual Advisor, an author of numerous  books, including Reshaping It All and a devotional titled, From Worrier to Warrier, One Step Closer. She is also the star of numerous Hallmark style movies and has grown deeper in her faith and leadership, thanks to people like her brother Kirk. This in turn has influenced Candace’s husband, former professional hockey player Valerie Bure, to grow in faith and the two of them to raise their children in the faith. 

“Joy comes from salvation in Jesus Christ. We get that from the Holy Spirit and from reading the Bible every day,” Candace encouraged listeners to keep the faith, go forward in the things of God, and don’t be afraid to be strong and not let people push you around. 

Working in the entertainment industry it’s easy to get puffed up and focus on ratings and popularity. But Candace says it’s because she invites people around her to speak into her life and hold her accountable to not become selfish and self-absorbed. 

She says that it’s the peace of God that holds our hearts and keeps us even when people disagree, resist, and attack you.  

Kindness has to be learned because we are sinful beings by nature. We have to be taught to be kind it is not a natural quality that we as humans beings have. We are by nature selfish people. Kindness takes effort, that’s why it’s so challenging 

We have to learn it, we have to apply it, it becomes an action, we have to be mindful of it. 

Having kindness means you have to stop and think about it because it’s not the natural instinct. You have to stop and think, how should I respond to this. How can I be the best ambassador for Christ in this situation?

For the brother and sister dynamic duo, they’ve continued to raise the bar and set the example of living out your faith in the midst of a difficult industry and thankfully are growing stronger than ever. For Candace, it’s clear joy is the secret to her success in faith, in family, and in Hollywood. 


Photo – LOS ANGELES – AUG 10: Candace Cameron Bure at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards Press Room at Shrine Auditorium on August 10, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. shutterstock.com

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