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The state of our nation, the lostness of this generation, and the onslaught of information wars have created a crescendo moment where our faith requires action

Perhaps at no time in recent history has our nation needed truth, awakening, and hope like today. Yet, who do you trust for news, information, and unbiased perspective? Who do you believe, where do you turn? From our southern border crisis, Maui wildfires, political persecution, election interference, differing measures of justice, censorship, fake news, compromised media, pandemics, propaganda, storms, riots, and mayhem, these are true signs of the times. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably wondering what is actually happening right now, who or what is behind the insanity, and when it will end. 

Faith & Action

It’s for moments like this that action is required. We must understand the times and know what to do. In this moment and hour, a new breed of media, reporting, truth, and journalism must come forth. It’s times like this that open a door for change, for reconnecting with the purpose of news, information, entertainment, and truth in a day when wrong is being called right and right is called wrong. It’s in moments like this that I am reminded that true faith requires action and that real change comes when our beliefs compel us to take action to bring about the required change and outcomes we desire. 

Your support is critical

That’s why your support is more critical than ever. We are launching THRIVE! with a vision of bringing truth, unbiased, uncompromised reporting, and storytelling back to media. As an essential hallmark of a free society, a free press is under threat like never before.

With the revelation of government interference on Twitter and Facebook, one can only imagine what is happening at cable news stations and news outlets. Perhaps nothing was more eerie than dozens and dozens of social media, cable news, and media outlets writing with no hesitation, “misinformation” related to COVID and “baseless claims” related to election interference. Yet, these outlets had not done the hard work of actually investigating anything themselves, they were simply repeating in unison a phrase that they were instructed to put out to the public by none other than our own government. 

What rational person wouldn’t think there was election interference after reviewing the details of what happened in 2020? Suddenly the ballot count stopped with Trump clearly leading by a windfall. Then overnight a massive slide in the numbers caused an unbelievable percentage of votes in Biden’s favor in key, battleground states. The statistical likelihood of that percentage of votes going to Biden was nothing short of impossible. The truth is there is a battle for the soul of this nation, and it’s only in Christ that it can be solved.  existential threat to the establishment in Washington and an overt danger to the political power structure that has been going on behind the scenes for decades. 

Twitter files exposed massive censorship

The Twitter files revealed bombshell revelation of massive government interference, censorship, and blatant disregard for free speech by government officials and institutions. Lobbying and pressuring social networks to silence the voices of those who disagreed with the government-dictated narrative is not only unAmerican it is the very definition of a propaganda machine in Washington. Obama signing a repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act in 2013, opened the door to government interference in the free speech and debate of the American people. So if we are to be a nation ruled by the people and for the people, why is the government so concerned with preventing information they don’t want spreading? And to that end, social media presents a huge potential problem or opportunity, depending on how you or they look at it. To that end, you had newly elected President Joe Biden in 2020 blaming Facebook for thousands of COVID deaths, due to “misinformation.” At the same time, you have pharmaceutical giants, board members, and elected officials demanding the removal of accounts and viewpoints that differ from the government’s narrative. It’s almost as if the government thought they controlled the media narrative until they didn’t or until “We the People” wouldn’t stand for it any longer. For a brief time the powers that be thought they could use the pressures of “life or death” in COVID to control people into submission through fear. Masks, vaccine mandates, and more. Thankfully, the American people know better than to let big government, big tech, and big pharma, abuse their power, forgetting that this is a nation governed by the people and for the people. A republic indeed, if we can keep it. Elon Musk’s move to invest a portion of his personal fortune in assuring the freedom of the press and freedom of speech on Twitter is one that will go down in history as essential to restoring speech and debate as open, accessible, and unhindered by government propaganda attempting to steer and influence public opinion. 

Now is the time 

It’s for these reasons, concerns, injustices, and many more happening today that I am raising funds to launch THRIVE!, a new media company focused on independent journalism with a perspective that is fair and just for all Americans. Our values and our why behind our what is that we are a group of faith-based, pro-Jesus, pro-freedom, pro-life, pro-America, and pro-Constitution people who love our country and believe free media is essential to a thriving republic. Our reporting will be focused on stories of hope, redemption, and truth. The truth about the border crisis. The truth about issues that matter. The truth about what other media is refusing to report and freedom to share what others are censoring.

I invite you to join me on this journey. Become a partner, donor, or subscriber today. 

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