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In the aftermath of the near-death experience of Buffalo Bill’s safety, Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bills star quarterback Josh Allen knows God is real! While the nation has joined together in prayer for Hamlin, God is showing himself to Allen in new ways as well through the tragedy. 

The star QB said in today’s press conference on NBC, that the kickoff return was one of the most significant plays of his life as the Bills opened up the game with a touchdown return. 

“I can’t remember a play that touched me like that in my life. It’s probably number one.”

When asked by reporters for further clarification on what he meant, Allen revealed that he believes God is real. From the sound of it, it appears Allen’s faith is growing. The team is seeing prayers answered and signs of his presence through this difficulty. 

“It was just spiritual. I was going around my team and saying, “God is real.” You can’t draw that one up, or write that up any better.

“I was just told by Kevin Kearns (Buffalo Bills Director of Communications) it’s been three years and three months since the last kickoff return. Pretty cool,” Allen stated tearing up, visibly moved and touched. Three years and three months are significant as that is teammate Damar Hamlin’s number. A sign that God indeed has heard their prayers and is watching over Hamlin’s recovery. The team all wore #3 on their jerseys in honor of Hamlin who also Facetimed into the team to offer his encouragement and well wishes. 




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1.1k share, 66 points
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