THRiVE! is a faith-based Christian news & media organization with a mission to share and spread faith through media.

Our goal is to inform and inspire readers to engage culture from a Biblical, Christian worldview. We are currently raising funds for our full launch, but we’ve been in the media and publishing business since 2007. 

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Purpose: We envision media, news, and storytelling used for and to the glory of God so that every person hears, sees, and experiences the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mission:  THRiVE! uses media and tech to share and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We do this through innovations in media creation, distribution, and a robust delivery network to reach more people with the message of the gospel. We create and share stories that inspire faith and empower action.


  • Faith: Our faith in Jesus inspires everything we do. 
  • Freedom: We believe a free press and freedom of religion are essential to a thriving nation.
  • Family: We believe the family is under attack and therefore we work to provide resources, ideas, and articles that inspire and uplift.
  • Quality: We create awe-inspiring, shareable articles and stories that move hearts and inspire a response to the love of God.
  • Evangelistic: We boldly share Christ and his work through people with the world through media outreach.
  • Innovative: We use as many means possible in as many ways as possible to reach as many people as possible.
  • Value: We continually add value through interactive content, helping our readers grow in their relationship with Christ.
  • Community: We exist to help people connect with God and create opportunities to encourage their faith development
  • Technology: We harness and develop innovative tech to reach more people in more places

Our editorial perspective focuses on creating shareable content in the form of testimonies, stories, lists, quizzes, and engaging content to like, share, and spread stories to the glory of God.